What Documents Are Required For Canada Tourist Visa, Move Overseas With Ease!

If you are one of those, like many others, who wish to discover what documents are required for Canada Tourist Visa, read this blog! Here you will find appropriate information on the subject. Use the details given to move abroad (though temporarily) with ease!

The Maple Leaf Country is a wonderful place to visit and plan your overseas operations. Located in North America, it is a perfect place to expand your business overseas. It is also a very attractive tourist spot with numerous natural and man-made wonders, such as Niagara Falls and the Quebec City. This developed global economy also has first-rate healthcare facilities.

Since getting a Permanent Residence (PR) Visa may not be possible easily, and perhaps you may not require it initially, due to certain reasons, it will be great idea if you apply for Canada Tourist Visa first. With this visa, you will get the chance to explore the nation even as you figure out the different possibilities there in without having to get a regular PR Visa.


What Documents Are Required For Canada Tourist Visa

What Documents Are Required For Canada Tourist Visa


As per the requirements fixed by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), you will have to undergo a process and submit the different mandatory documents and visa fees to get this visa.

This leads us back to the title of the blog– What documents are required for Canada Tourist Visa?

What basic documents are required for Canada Tourist Visa?

The primary documents required are:

  1. Your original and genuine passport, with not less than two empty Visa pages left for stamping purposes. The passport must have a legal validity of not less than 6 months left.
  2. Two latest & 100% identifiable passport size photographs complete with white setting and no borders. It is mandatory that the photos have considerable face coverage, besides matte or semi-matte finish. While, as per the requirements, your name and date of birth must be stated at the back of the photo, it is also necessary that the photo is new and has not been utilized for the preceding Visas. Ideally, it must have been shot inside the previous 3 months.
  3. Evidence of employment from your present recruiter/firm. The same may be in the form or either a salary slip or an appointment letter–or for that matter–a No Objection Certificate (NOC). The said documents must clearly contain your each and every particular involving your present job.
  4. Your bank statement which shows each and every operation taking place over a time-frame of the preceding six months, which must take in every type of transactions, such as, for example, foreign slips, purchases of property, fixed deposits, work-related viability, among others.
  5. A cover letter for your visa on the letterhead of your firm/organization.

So, these are the primary Things required for Canada Tourist Visa! Check with your visa agent for more information and assistance and also to figure out what documents are required for Canada Tourist Visa!

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