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In order to fuel up growth and development in Canada, the Province of Ottawa is all set to launch its pilot project named “Start-up Visa Program”. Under this specific program, the investors can invest in Ottawa and create jobs. In return, they will get to apply for residency in Canada.

Ahmed Hussain, the Minister of Immigration, has cleared his stance on the startup visa program that the “Start-up Visa Programme” started under the Harper Government was supposed to end by 2013, but it will follow on till 2018.

The program started out on a brisk note with 117 people receiving the Start-up Visa. All these applicants participated with the top 68 companies in Canada with the intent of harnessing fresh talents and creating a wider gamut of job opportunities in the country.

The program rolled on well but there was some slack going in the background with the intent of angel investment. In this process, often the visa applications were delayed by even 6 months. In the category of Angel investment, the probability of getting the investment from public sector has been minimal. Such restraints might be challenging, and it might even put a lot of stress on the investor and even the innovator.

The real-challenge as of now for this visa would be the slow progress in its acceptance and its failure. The call of the hour would be to make the visa plan organized with public funding emerging with a strong approach.

Had there been a direct interest shown by the government towards funding the project, it would have been a better alternative given to the investors to rise and grow in the competition.

Canada express entry

Canada express entry

As of now the future of the Start-Up Visa Programme is somewhat bleak. But if the Canadian consular plays a direct role towards funding the investment, acknowledging the ideas of the immigrants, and supporting them with the resources required to help bring about a difference in the economy, this visa will certainly define the immigration realm of the nation in the near future.

With just a few months since the visa will be no longer functional, it will be interesting to see how the Refugees and Citizenship of Canada (IRCC) will take matters into hand, and provide an immediate solution to this grand struggle.

If you are applying for this visa you need to have the best innovative idea that can easily make a difference in the Maple Leaf Country. When you have a good immigration agent to help you deal with the intricacies of this visa, it will aid you to easily apply for residency in Canada without any problem. Hire a good immigration consultant who can help bring a difference in the probabilities to move with the prized PR status.

The Start-up Visa Programme is a pioneering project by the Harper Government, to redefine the layer of immigration in Canada. It has helped in applying for residency in Canada, but will it continue after 2018? In this piece, you will get a glimpse of this program.

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