Schengen Tourist Visa Petitions Submitted from India–Top 3 Reasons behind Refusals

Numerous visa applications submitted from India for the Schengen Tourist Visa are not entertained and rejected for one or the other reason. Here an effort is being made to find out why it happens.

But before we talk about the reasons, let’s, at first, ponder over the visa process and requirements for the visa!

As per the rules of the land, every person keen to get a visa to make a trip to any of the Schengen member country has to apply in person, collect every compulsory paper, and then make an appointment in advance.

It is mandatory that he has a legally valid passport that’s not very old. Its age must be 10 years or less. It is also required that it has six months left before it hits its date of termination.

Schengen Tourist Visa

Schengen Tourist Visa

Why Many Schengen Tourist Visa Applications Submitted from India Do Not Find Acceptance?

Coming back to the important question on which this blog is based, well, there could be numerous reasons. For want of space and time, here we will cover just 3 important causes.

  1. Previous or Present Criminal Actions

Your previous and present conditions and actions may play spoilsport and negatively influence the decision of the consular official in offering you a Schengen visa. Your petition could be dismissed on the grounds of drug abuse, terrorism, child abuse, addiction, etc. In such situations, the denial could take place because you could be regarded a danger to the society, internal security or public wealth of the Schengen Zone.

  1. Fabricated Travel Documents

Your petition could fail to get you a visa on the grounds of presenting wrong papers/certificates. Many people make an effort to present wrong travel documents to the embassy or consular office, trying to misrepresent their identity, employing bogus identity, and resultantly, their petitions are refused. If you, too, are found doing any such thing, rest assured your petition will not be entertained even as you will not receive a visa and the chance to explore your business future in the Schengen area!

  1. Unsatisfactory Object & Situations of the Prearranged Stay

Your petition could be dismissed on this important ground also. If you fail to show the required reason for your visit to the area and the conditions of the planned travel and stay, you will not get your visa, and that’s for sure.

Your application for Schengen Tourist Visa from India may be dismissed if you fail to put forward an employment and professional qualification that duly matches with the presented financial situation. It could be also dismissed if you are unable to produce the key documents that clearly back the key object of your travel and stay in the Schengen Area.

Now since you know about the 3 main reasons behind the refusal of the Schengen Tourist Visa, ensure that your application does not get rejected on these grounds, and that you get a Schengen Tourist Visa from India easily.

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