What not to Forget Before You Send Your Canadian Permanent Residency Application

Of late, there has been a surge, of sorts, in the interest of the global community of migrants in getting the cherished Canadian Permanent Residency. One needs to submit a Canadian Permanent Residency Application for the purpose, and also fulfill the required terms and conditions to become a permanent resident in this wonderful and extensively visited overseas hotpot.

Democratic government, flexible immigration system, multi-cultural & ethnic society, sumptuous cuisine, first-rate infrastructure, availability of a large number of well-paying work opportunities…these are just some of the vital factors that attract a large number of people to the nation, from almost every part of the world–from Poland to Pakistan, from India to Indonesia.

If you have already visited the Maple Leaf Country, you will definitely like to submit an application for the prized Canadian Permanent Residency even as the application process requires certain preparation.

If the country’s economy attracts you, and you aspire to become a permanent resident there in, then from this day onwards you must prepare for Canada immigration.

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Canada express entry

Key points to remember before you submit your Canadian Permanent Residency application!

If you are keen to submit an application for Permanent Residency, you are required to remember certain important points before you make a final move. Thorough preparation is a must, lest your application fails to elicit a positive response.

Express Entry

If you are a skilled worker and you are in the nation or outside it, you must have heard about the point based immigration system introduced by the Federal Government, i.e., the Express Entry. In order to gain Permanent Residency, you have to submit your application online and earn enough score to get invited for the cherished status.

To get started, create an online profile for the chosen immigration program of the country and then compete with others in the Express Entry Pool.

Once you score well, the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will send you an invite to apply for Canada Permanent Resident Visa (CPRV) with a time period of a maximum of 60 days.

Prepare your PR file

The IRCC, the official Canadian immigration body, practices stringent immigration procedure and visa rules. Hence, you must prepare your PR file well in advance. In a long run, your PR file is of real help as it includes all your required documents and other relevant certificates.

Maintain Enough Funds

While applying for the PR, it is mandatory that have proof of the required funds in your current account. The IRCC expects you to cover the financial expenses for yourself and your dependents when you move to the nation. The government is not interested in welcoming those who could be a financial liability for the country and its tight resources.

PR–Major Benefits

Canadian Permanent Residency is a golden trophy that allows you to live in the amazing hot spot indefinitely with the freedom to work or study anywhere there in. You can enjoy superlative healthcare and many other social benefits that are usually granted to the Canadian citizens. You are also entitled to present a petition for the much sought after citizenship and passport. Another major benefit of the Permanent Residency is that you are fully protected under the national law of the land.


There are many restrictions that come with the PR status, such as one cannot vote or stand for any political office and his entry is restricted to all the positions that require extreme security. Above else, to retain the PR status, the resident is required to live in the country for at least two years out of the five years.

Engage Canada Immigration Consultant

Though the PR immigration process looks quite simple, in reality, it is not so. It’s not only the online process that you have to clear but you have to complete paper formalities as well. At this stage, the guidance of well experienced and trustworthy immigration & visa consultants can be of a real help.

So, engage well-known players in the field for a fruitful process. Some names like Abhinav could be counted upon to see you through the long and complex Canadian Permanent Residency application process.

Keep the important things in mind discussed here in the blog before you send your Canada Permanent Residency application.

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