Learn what a Canada Tourist Visa is & get a chance to explore the hotspot!

Many people, keen to visit Canada, want to figure out what exactly is a Canada Tourist Visa?

Well, Canada Tourist Visa, also known as Canada Visitor Visa, is a non-immigrant visa issued by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), for the purpose of sight-seeing, meeting family members/friends, attending business meetings/conferences, etc. This Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) allows the proud holders to visit the popular overseas destination for a maximum period of six months.

It is of two kinds–Single Entry Visa and Multiple Entry Visa. While the former, as the name clearly shows, is issued for a single visit of a maximum period of six months, the latter allows multiple entries though the duration of every visit must not be more than six months at a stretch. The Multiple Entry Visas can be offered for a maximum period of 10 years to the lucky visa holders.

To get the Tourist Visa for Canada you have to fulfill some mandatory terms and conditions as laid down by the IRCC.

Why get Tourist Visa when some other very good visa options are available? 

Well, the visa is easier-to-get-to compared to other visas having a longer legal validity. It also gives an opportunity to explore the wonderful nation first so that you can plan your next move in a more planned and sure-footed manner.

For those not tuned in, the Maple Leaf Country has an excellent business friendly environment, and so with this short term visa you get a chance to explore what you can do as businessman in the nation later. You also get a chance to develop good business networks here while you are here in with the visa under discussion.

As mentioned earlier, the Tourist Visa also gives a chance to the holders to visit the different attractions of the country and enjoy its unique culture as well. The Maple Leaf Country is dotted with tourist attractions, with the magnificent Niagara Falls, and the Quebec City, etc. being just two such gems.

While the former is the pride of the overseas hotspot and one of the topmost global tourist attractions; the latter, too, is one of the finest attractions worth visiting and getting pleasure from. Quebec has amazing French style architecture and its people use the French language and follow the lifestyle of the French people to a great extent. And this gives this specific Canadian region that has its own specific way of life and customs an amazing flavor that the discerning visitors find very appealing.

Tourist Visa Requirements

If one talks about the requirements for the visa, well, with a view to get this visa you have to fulfill these basic requirements:

  1. Possess a legitimate travel documents, like a passport.
  2. You must be healthy and suffer from no communicable diseases.
  3. You must not have any kind of immigration or criminal associated conviction.
  4. You ought to able to influence the immigration authorities about your ties back home which shall convince you to go back to your native country.
  5. You must have sufficient money to support your stay in the Maple Leaf Country.

Now since you know what a Canada Tourist Visa is and also what requirements you need to fulfill to get this, what are you waiting for?

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