Learn How Long Does Express Entry to Canada Take & Make Your Immigration Plans Accordingly!

A large number of people–keen to migrate to Canada through the Canada Express Entry Programme–wish to figure out how long Express Entry to Canada does take? Well, this blog is for such aspirants!

The Maple Leaf Country sits prettily right at the top in the list of the top immigration destinations. It–along with its immigration regulating body the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)–runs numerous easy-to-follow visa programmes, to facilitate the entry of migrants to the famed hotspot.

The swift and points based Express Entry system is an amazing online immigration offering even as it has dramatically improved the Canada visa application process.

Canada Express Entry Programme hinges on the Canada Express Entry Points Calculator to give points to the candidates on the basis of certain factors, and take a decision related to offering them an Invitation to Apply (ITA), for submitting an application for the prized Permanent Residency in the nation.

The Express Entry Programme for Canada, as mentioned a short while ago, is swift but how swift it is–it is a million dollar question.

How Long Does Express Entry to Canada Take

How Long Does Express Entry to Canada Take

How Long Does Express Entry to Canada Take?

On an average, it takes nearly 5 to 7 months to successfully move to the destination permanently. But, it can take up to many years depending upon your specific visa category and how correctly you actually submit an application.

The processing time tells you how long it took the IRRC to process your petition. Under the Canada Express Entry Programme, the nation’s target is to make concluding decisions on the complete petitions obtained under Express Entry in 5-7 months or less in close-to 80% of the cases.

But Why Migrate To Canada?

Migrate to Canada because it is one of the most developed global economies. Migrate to Canada because it offers a very high standard of living to its people. Migrate to Canada because it is migrant-friendly. Migrate to Canada because here you will find numerous well-paying work opportunities.

Now let’s take a look at some of the reasons discussed one by one!

Standard of Living: The Maple Leaf Country has one of the highest standards of living in the entire world. The nation has one of the lowest crime rates in the world even as it provides immigrants the wonderful chance to experience what it is like to reside in a first-world country.

Plethora Of Well-paying Work Opportunities: The hotspot boasts of one of the biggest economies in the whole world, which provides numerous rewarding opportunities to the working professionals from many domains. The Canadian economy is set to improve further even while as per some experts there will be an increasing requirement for more professionals in the coming years. Hence, the present time is perfect for Canada immigration on a permanent basis.

Immigrant-Friendly Nation: The Maple Leaf Country is one place which is extremely immigrant-friendly. Given the fact that majority of the working individuals of the country consists of the immigrants from various corners of the globe, the nation has an extremely broadminded attitude towards the new entrants even as there are nearly no occurrence of violence or hostility towards those who are from other nations.

Cost-free Education: The Maple Leaf Country provides free education up to the undergraduate level for those who have its citizenship and permanent residency. So, you will not have to spend lots of your hard-earned money to give quality education to your kids to the right degree and assist them do well in life.

Now since you know how long does Express Entry to Canada take and also the benefits that Canada immigration brings in its wake, what you are now really waiting for? Kick-start your Canada immigration application process through the Canada Express Entry Programme! Speak to your visa agent for the latest updates on the programme! Also, seek and get his help and guidance on the subject so that you can permanently move to the overseas destination of your choice and enjoy all that it has to offer!

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