Know How to Apply for Canada Tourist Visa from India Step By Step!

Many of those interested to get a Visa for Canada, or for that matter, many other overseas hotspots, often wonder how to get a visa for the specific destination of their choice. Canada Tourist Visa, also known as the Visitor Visa or Temporary Resident Visa, is one of the sought after visas. And so naturally how to apply for Canada Tourist Visa from India is one question, an answer to which is sought by a large number of the candidates from India.

The answer to the question how to apply for Canada Tourist Visa from India is visit the official Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) site, follow the given instructions, and take print-outs. After doing the needful, visit the VFS Global and submit the completed print outs with the visa charges. VFS Global is a global service provider that helps and guides the aspirants for the various destinations apply for a visa and get it through a hassle-free process.

Remarkably, every year, more than 35 million people choose to make a trip to the Maple Leaf Country to revel in the numerous opportunities which it has to provide, comprising making a trip to family & friends.

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As per the immigration rules–as laid down by the IRCC–if you are not a Canadian or citizen of the neighbouring US, you need a legally valid passport or visa to gain admission into the Maple Leaf Country. But if you are a permanent resident in the US, you may make a trip to the Maple Leaf Country without a visa, the different country of your origin notwithstanding.

Coming back to the question how to apply for Canada Tourist Visa from India, well, you have to follow a six step process to get the visa from India.

How to Apply for Canada Tourist Visa from India–Application Process Step-by-Step

Step 1: Go through the complete data shared on the visa/permit requirements on the official IRCC website before you download the fitting application forms and the checklist applicable to the specific object of your trip to the destination. Check the “VISA TYPES” page and get the specifics on the different available visas/permits.

Step 2: Fill out the petition form and other applicable certificates/papers electronically and print. You need to print the forms (comprising the barcoded sheets) on a white, bond quality, paper (non-glossy), employing a laser printer.

In case you cannot offer every supporting certificate/paper, as declared in the official IRCC document checklist, fill out and sign the waiver form before you attach the same with your application form.

In a situation where in you fail to offer a completed and signed waiver form, you could face extra delays or even the denial of your petition for a visa, permit or travel document.

Step 3: Thoroughly check the attached privacy policy, fill out the VFS Consent Form, before you attach the same with their application form.

In case you fail to include a completed and signed VFS consent form along with the application, your petition will be sent back to you.

Step 4: Shell-out visa charges, as per the guidelines given in the official government run Visa Office Website.

At the time of presenting your application, through the CVAC, in person, it is mandatory that you pay the visa charges, apart from the CVAC (VFS Global) service fees.

Step 5: Drop in at your local Canada Visa Application Centre (CVAC). Confirm that you carry along your passport, photographs, completed forms and every supporting certificate according to the checklist and the IRCC fee instrument and payment guidelines. Appropriate service charges will be charged. Confirm that you come with a recognized way of payment.

Step 6: After you are at CVAC, give the service charges, give your complete petition and receive a receipt in return. You will find your unique tracking number in the receipt. Use it to track the advancement of your petition online.

Hence, this, in short, is How to Apply for Canada Tourist Visa from India. Use the information given to get the visa and land in the hotspot to revel in what it has to offer.

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