How Much Does It Cost For Express Entry To Canada, Plan Your Move In A Better Manner!

Want to figure out how much does it cost for Express Entry to Canada? Well, check the blog and utilize the details shared to chalk-out your immigration plans in a much more planned manner.

Time is very precious these days. And so for any activity, if we have a process that consumes less time to get the job done, we usually go for it. This applies to the process of immigration also. We prefer the visa categories and immigration programmes available that facilitate speedy entry to our dream destination.

So, no wonder, whether it is the SkillSelect for Australia immigration or Express Entry for Canada Immigration, we use it to land in our favored hotspot speedily.

Talking of Express Entry, sometimes, many aspirants, like you, ask the question how much does it cost for Express Entry to Canada.

Figuring out cost is important as it helps us plan our immigration-related move in a considered style. It is crucial as it aids us to know how much money we need to have to get our Permanent Residence Visa (PRV) to the country. It is vital as with the information involving the cost with us we do not have to worry and remain in the dark about the same and focus our energies on other more important things; for example, the submission of essential and mandatory documents and facing the interview.

Coming back to the question–How much does it cost for Express Entry to Canada–well, here’s the estimated cost break-up:

  1. Assessment Charges = 500$-800$ (the same depends upon the organization of appraisal)
  2. IELTS Test Charges – 12000 INR
  3. PR Charges – Primary Candidate: $3600
  4. Secondary Candidate Charges: $1800
  5. Child Candidate Charges: $900
  6. Visa label Charges – $70
  7. Medical Charges – 5000 – 9000 INR

Significantly, apart from having the required money to get a visa and move to the Maple Leaf Country with ease, it is also important that you know if you are really a good candidate for Canada immigration through Express Entry, but how to figure out that? Well, use the widely available Canada Express Entry Points Calculator to figure out how strong or weak your chances of PR immigration are.

The Points Calculator for Canada Express Entry that’s also known as Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) assigns points on the basis of certain mandatory factors, with Core/human capital factors, Spouse or common-law partner factors, Skill Transferability factors, and Additional Factors being the said factors.

A combined total of 1200 points are up-for-grabs under the CRS. Those with high points (preferably above 450) have a better chance of getting an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for submitting an application for Canada PR.

For more details on the subject and perhaps a better answer to the question–How Much Does It Cost For Express Entry to Canada—check with your immigration consultancy! 

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