How Long Can A Person Stay In Canada On A Visitor’s Visa! Make Your Plans Accordingly!

If you are one of those eager to find out how long can a person stay in Canada on a Visitor’s Visa, check the blog and satiate your thirst for relevant information on the subject!

The Maple Leaf Country, as it is too well known, is an excellent overseas destination for visiting purposes and exploring the different existing opportunities there in, for which the nation is so famous for across the globe. Located in North America and sharing its geographical borders with the US, the Maple Leaf Country is certainly a place worth visiting while you mull what to do next.

Canada Tourist Visa

You may visit the nation as a tourist with a Tourist Visa, also known as the Canadian Visitor Visa.

The Visitor Visa for Canada–as the name suggests–is strictly for the visitors keen to visit the nation for sight-seeing (Niagara Falls, Whistler, Quebec City, Old Montreal, etc.), attending business meetings/conferences; visiting relatives/friends; getting medical treatment, etc. As per the immigration laws of the land, you cannot use your stay in the country to put yourself on the path of either citizenship or Permanent Residency (PR) later.

It is of two kinds–Single Entry Visa and Multiple Entry Visa. The maximum legal validity period of the former is only six months while the maximum legal validity period of the latter is 10 years or one month before your passport loses its legal validity, whichever comes first.

This may be an altogether different matter that you cannot stay in the country for more than six months at a stretch even with a Multiple Entry Visa. As per the laws of the land, you must land in the Maple Leaf Country either on or before the date of expiry on your Visitor’s Visa.

Visa Requirements

If one talks about the requirements for the Canadian Visitor Visa, well these are not very difficult to fulfill given the fact that it’s only a Visitor’s Visa and issued for a short period of time. Still, you will require having skilled Canada Visa Agents on the ship to sail through the visa application process easily and successfully.

The reason: some of the immigration requirements for the visa may necessitate specialized handling, and if you fail to cater to the requirements of the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), you will not get your visa, and the chance to explore the stunningly beautiful and opportunity-laden overseas hotspot.

Now a few of the main requirements one by one!

  1. Original Passports with a legal validity of six months from the date of landing in the hotspot, in addition to preceding passports (in case any).
  2. Visa Application Forms.
  3. Color photograph: 35mm x 45mm, complete with white backdrop, matt finish, with 80% face size.
  4. Cover letter clearly stating your details, travel and particulars of the other members take the trip with you.
  5. Hotel Bookings.
  6. Daily tour schedule
  7. Air tickets
  8. Original Leave letter from Recruiter/School/College.
  9. Salary slips for the previous 6 months (in case engaged).

How long can a person stay in Canada on a Visitor’s Visa?

Coming back to the question–how long can a person stay in Canada on a Visitor’s Visa–well, as mentioned earlier, it is six months at a stretch.

Make the most productive use of the period of stay allowed legally for your specific purpose. If you are here to meet your family members and friends, do it and spend quality time with them while you are here. In case you are in the nation to explore business possibilities, via attending business meetings/conferences, do that in a systematic way so that your stay in the country proves valuable from the business point of view.

Now since you know how long can a person stay in Canada on a Visitor’s Visa, what are you waiting for? It’s high time you started the application process for the Canadian Visitor Visa using professional help and guidance given by expert Canada immigration experts.

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