Can I Change My Status from Visitor to Worker in Canada?

Many visitors to Canada with a Visitor Visa sometimes have this question on their lips–Can I Change My Status from Visitor to Worker in Canada?

Well, it is possible to apply for a Worker Visa while you are with a Visitor Visa in Canada but only under certain very restrictive conditions.

Though it is possible to apply to change your temporary standing from visitor to worker inside the Maple Leaf Country, it is still mandatory that you get a Work Permit first. You just cannot stay in the overseas hotspot as a worker, minus having a legally valid Work Permit in your pocket.

But, sometimes the issue of timing could be BIG problem. As per the immigration laws of the land, in most of the cases, to get a Work Permit you need an offer of employment from a recruiter/firm, and also a positive labour market opinion from the concerned organization, namely, the Human Resources Skills Development Canada.

Visitor Visa in Canada

Visitor Visa in Canada

Post it is received, you have to submit an application for Work Permit. But the procedure is pretty time-consuming, and the time it usually takes to get a Work Permit may surpass your legally allowed time to stay in the Maple Leaf Country as a visitor.

It denotes that you may have to go away from the overseas hotspot before sanction comes your way for a Work Permit and you manage to successfully change your standing.

Hence, despite the fact that you may start the procedure for the change of position in Canada, you need to be well prepared to go away from the nation, in case the procedure for Work Permit does not get fruitfully completed by the time your Visitor Visa position loses its legal validity.

Changing Status from Visitor to Permanent Resident

If one talks about changing standing from visitor to permanent resident, then, well, it is just not possible. The reason: the Permanent Resident application procedure is quite drawn out even as it has several requirements. You just cannot land in the hotspot as a visitor and hope to remain there in as a permanent resident.

In case you move to the nation as a worker, then you can submit an application for Permanent Residence through the Canada Experience Class (CEC) immigration class, post 24 months of work experience in the Maple Leaf Country.

The CEC class category still consumes nearly 1 year, and hence you would require a Work Permit extension of not less than another 12 months with a view to stay in the hotspot for the period of the permanent resident application procedure under the CEC.

The good news is that the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) frequently offers extensions for Work Permit, to enable people to stay put in the nation, through the processing of a petition presented for permanent residence under the CEC class.

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