Apply For Canada Immigration from India! Know How To Do It!

So, you want a well-paying job and great prospects for further growth; a peaceful & safe place to live with your family & kids; an environment that’s pollution-free so that you can raise your kids in a rather healthy manner; and first-rate & subsidized educational establishments so that you can give your kids the finest education that the developed world has to offer! Well, migrate to Canada! Apply For Canada Immigration from India!

But it’s easier said than done. Despite the widespread claims made by some people, and even some of the so-called experts on the subject, the visa and immigration system followed by the Maple Leaf Country is not an easy nut to crack. Until and unless you have proven and trustworthy experts onboard you may not be able to easily and successfully crack the Canada Visa code.

So draft them if you want to successfully apply For Canada Immigration from India!

For Canada immigration from India, you have numerous good immigration options to choose from. The Federal Express Entry System, Family sponsorship, Investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed, the Quebec Skilled Workers Programme (QSWP), Provincial Nominee Programmes (PNPs)…these are just some of the attractive options that you have from the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), for the object of Canada immigration from India. And, using any of these you can successfully apply for Canada PR Visa.

For want of space, here we will cover only Express Entry and explain thoroughly and step-by-step the nuts & bolts of the online and fast-track immigration programme.

Express Entry System–Stepwise Procedure

  1. To begin with, get all the compulsory and required documents needed to apply for Canada PR Visa via Express Entry, namely, the IELTS Test Result for English Proficiency, and Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) from the WES or any other pertinent evaluating body or organization.
  2. To share your details and qualifications, make your profile on the Express Entry system and receive 67 points on the basis of the FSWP to make the cut.
  3. Enter the Express Entry Pool of the aspirants and receive good CRS score.
  4. The IRCC will launch periodic draws to choose aspirants who get the cut off marks declared by the same.
  5. In case you manage to get picked-up, you will obtain an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for the cherished Canada PR from the IRCC.
  6. Apply for Canada PR Immigration from India inside 90 days of pocketing the ITA, lest your ITA loses its legal validity.

This, in brief, is the Express Entry process. Apply for Canada Immigration from India using the particulars shared here in the blog!

To further improve your chances, needless to say, contact a well-known and registered Canada immigration consultancy, like Abhinav for instance! The agents working for such consultancies will help and guide you successfully apply for Canada PR Visa!

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