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Its public now that 2017 has been a tremendous year for Canadian immigration – more than 70000 people got their invites through Express Entry program while an undisclosed number of people were issued invites to Apply For Canada PR Visa through PNPs. The race is still on for those willing to take a shot at the most desired status.

The figures of selection have been more than thrice the numbers selected individually in 2015 and 2016. Even if the figures of last two year programs are accumulated, 2017 saw more ITAs being issued to the waiting applicants.

One thing that has been proven with the current trend, the Canadian government is deeply committed to bringing about substantial changes in the Canada Visa system. Most of the changes that have come up till now have raised the hopes of the applicants.

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 The Salient features of changes

  • The most significant change that the government brought about was the pulling down of the selection pitch – that had been hovering well above 600 till November 2016, was brought down to under 450, most of the times the cut-off remained under this score in the current year program.
  • The processing of the applications in second and the penultimate round was shortened considerably – what used to take more than a year for the completion of the evaluation was cut down just to six months. The applicants who had received their ITAs in a month of April got their visa in June – July. Isn’t this fast enough?
  • Linking of the PNPs to the Express Entry framework worked significantly in the favor of states, as well as the applicants. Where on one hand the states got an access to an abundance of a resource of eligible candidates, on other hand applicants, willing to go to a state, were able to gain more points. This substantially raised their marks; thus leading to greater chances of their profiles being shortlisted.
  • Allocating more points to the applicants who had siblings residing in Canada as nationals or permanent residents; and who knew French too. This factor helped the candidates gain extra points in CRS.

As far as the future plans of the authorities of the Maple Leaf country go, almost 600,000, out of 1000,000 as planned, people would be admitted into the country through various economic immigration programs, but surely it depends on how rapidly interested individuals react.

If you feel inspired by the current situation and think that you should make a move, fill up the free assessment form today.

Numerous people have been invited in 2017 to Apply For Canada PR Visa through Express Entry and PNPs. As planned, the authorities are gearing up to admit half a million people through economic immigration program.

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